Chicago Center for Psychotherapy, LLC 

  • Reproductive Mental Health Issues: infertility, infertility psychosocial assessments, high-risk pregnancies, multiple pregnancy, surrogacy, pregnancy loss, and postpartum depression.

  • Relationship Issues: helping couples improve their marital satisfaction, healing from infidelity, and sexual dysfunction issues.

  • Life Transitions: divorce counseling, job-related stress, change of career, retirement, college and graduate school stress.

  • Parenting challenges: multiples, preemies, discipline issues and parent-infant attachment.

  • Grief and Loss Counseling

  • Issues of Aging: dementia/cognitive impairment, caregiving, widowhood, and end of life challenges.

  • Mood Disorders: anxiety and depression.

  • Immigration Evaluations

  • Therapist Supervision and Consultation

  • Serious and Chronic Illness: navigating the health care system, breast cancer counseling. 

  • We are an LGBTQ affirmative practice.



We provide individual and couples therapy and we treat most issues with adults and young adults. We specialize in:

Chicago Center for Psychotherapy, LLC (CCP)

Areas of Expertise

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